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African American Couple

ABK Counseling & Wellness, LLC

Dr. Allison B. Karthaus, Ph.D

I am a licensed psychologist who provides individual therapy, yoga therapy, and career counseling in downtown Boston.  Throughout my clinical training, I have focused on working with diverse populations and have extensive experience working with a variety of presenting issues, a list of which you can see to the right. 

In practice, I work from a mindfulness-based perspective, integrating evidence-based interventions from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I am also a registered yoga teacher with an emphasis in therapeutic yoga for mental health. As a yoga therapist, I aim to help clients cultivate their own awareness of their physical and emotional bodies, working towards the development of their own intuitive strategies for managing the stress of daily life. Finally, as a counseling psychologist, I have a great deal of experience in helping clients find value and meaning in their careers. I offer both formal career-counseling sessions, as well as integrate career counseling into individual psychotherapy sessions, as it is relevant to clients’ needs.

 I received my doctorate in Counseling Psychology from The University of Georgia. I also hold a Master of Education degree in Community Counseling and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. I am a registered yoga teacher, graduating from a Yoga Alliance accredited program. I have worked in a variety of settings, including universities and community mental health centers. For more information on my training and work experience, check out my website: www.abkcounseling.com.

ABK Counseling & Wellness, LLC
Allison B. Karthaus, Ph.D.

Psychotherapy, Yoga Therapy and Career Counseling
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