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Dr. Marshaun Glover, Psychologist, Anxiety Expert

If you are suffering from negative thoughts, self-doubt, and destructive beliefs that make it hard for you to experience joy in your life, I’d like to help you reduce and eliminate those beliefs from your life. My practice is devoted to addressing beliefs and behaviors that are causing you anxiety and other problems related to stress, work, and family. I treat adults, children, and adolescents (individually) and work with couples.

My treatment approach is based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). I find that clients benefit from its practical use in many areas where they have challenges. With this approach, clients are taught to identify the relationship between thoughts, moods, and behaviors by identifying, challenging, and changing perceptions, or using behavioral strategies to reduce distressing symptoms. 

For more information about hours, insurance, and to book an appointment, visit www.drmglover.com/therapy.

Dr. Marshaun Glover
112 Water Street, Suite 203
Boston, MA 02109

Email: [email protected]
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