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Dr. Nina Lewis-Schroeder

Dr. Alessandra Urbano, Ph.D.

Dr. Nina Lewis-Schroeder is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in psychotherapy for adults with depression, anxiety, self-esteem difficulties, problems coping with trauma, relationship issues, and general life stressors. Her approach to therapy is personalized to address each individual's strengths, needs, and goals but grounded in gold standard, empirically-based treatment approaches. She knows that finding the right therapist can be a difficult process - and it's important to find the right "match," both in terms of style and specialization. Nina offers a free initial phone sessions so that you can discuss your needs and assess this fit.

Outside of her private practice, I am a clinical psychologist at McLean Hospital and an Instructor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School focused on treatment for individuals with PTSD. She has trained in some of the leading psychiatric hospitals in the country, including affiliates of Harvard Medical School.

Please contact Nina for more information and to learn about therapy. Sometimes people feel that their problems are aren't big enough for treatment, but these small issues can have an impact on your functioning and quality of life. Nina looks forward to speaking with you.

Dr. Nina Lewis-Schroeder, Psychologist,  PhD
Licensed Psychologist
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