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African American Couple

Maria Mellano, LICSW, CP/PAT



I practice experiential psychotherapy and psychodrama. My background professionally is in teaching and clinical social work. I'm extensively trained in Internal Family Systems, Psychodrama, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy,  Psychoanalysis, Psychodramatic Bodywork, Energy Healing, Chronic Disease Self Management, Trauma and Eating Disorders. I'm a nationally board certified (CP) and practitioner applicant for trainer (PAT) in psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy and a Certified Sacred Money Archetypes and Money, Marketing and Soul Coach.

I apply powerful experiential methods with an integral, mind-body-spirit-shadow, whole-person approach. This way of working with clients elicits the inherent capacity for healing, Self - presence, organic alignment and expansiveness we're all capable of achieving. I call this Integral Psychotherapy based on the principle of spiral dynamics of change - meaning we're all, constantly in flux with the potential for evolutionary Self-growth towards wholeness and up-leveling - in fact, change is the constant that is always true ... and resisting this can create suffering.  Evolutionary Self - growth is always alive as possibility, moment to moment. How we approach this potentiality and hold space for its unfolding can create more suffering; or, it can transform suffering into joy, wisdom, expansion and a way of being that leads to true fulfillment.

I am specifically interested in working with women on transforming their relationship with food, body, money and dominant notions of power and worth, to create soul-aligned lives that have a ripple effect. This comes from focus through the lens of soul & essential Self  versus ego, developing and maintaining a meditation practice, letting go of what no longer serves, engaging in meaning making, transforming mindset including perspective taking, listening to that voice within... your calling,  practicing radical Self - care, and ultimately blooming a life you love. 

Seasoned and intuitive through decades of professional and personal experience and growth, my work begins from within, is focused on emergence of essential Self, then living from that energy ... empowerment, enoughness, inherent worth, creativity and vision. Imagine living in alignment with your deepest calling and flourishing from that place ... I call this phenomenal enoughness, my deepest intention for my clients. 

I look forward to hearing from you!



Website: www.IntegralPsychotherapyPractice.com

Phone: 857 284 7237

Mailing Address: PO Box 961186, Boston, MA 02196

Boston Office Location: 112 Water Street, Suite 203, Boston, MA 02109




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