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African American Couple

Paul J. Sullivan, LMHC, CGP

Success AND Wellbeing: Individual, Couples and Group Psychotherapy and Coaching for Executives, Professionals and College Students

I help executives, professionals and college students who push to hard for success and sacrifice there well being to do so. I work with individuals, couples, families and groups in an authentic therapeutic or coaching relationship. My approach is eclectic and client centered. I meet the client where they are by using varying approaches including psychodynamic, interrelational, cognitive and behavioral techniques. I also focus on mindfulness, habit/lifestyle change, communication skills, family dynamics as well as developmental approaches.

Self-care is the key to success and happiness and one must increase self-care as stress increases.

I help people be successful AND happy. I help people learn how to play, rest, connect to their values and live according to them. In our culture we know how to work well but not how to play well.

I also help people learn how to get more done with less effort so one can focus on fun, leisure and adventure.

Contact Information
Phone: 857 496 5957
Email: [email protected]