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African American Couple

Requina Barnes, LICSW

Requina Barnes, LICSWEach individual is unique in his or her own way.

Ms. Barnes utilizes an approach that focuses on both the internal and external process by working with you to reach your full potential. She will explore many areas, which include balancing the roles placed upon us. She will go through the journey with you and take each piece apart one by one and then put it back together.

Ms. Barnes has been in the field of social work for 10+ years.  She has worked in a variety of settings, which consist of community agencies, mental health clinics, residential programs, schools and the court system.  She has an array of experience with working with individuals, groups, and families.  She has also worked with populations of all ages ranging from, early childhood to late adulthood. 

In the years that she has provided clinical services, she has utilized effective approaches to specifically meet each individual's unique treatment needs.

To schedule an appointment with Ms. Barnes, email: [email protected] or call 857 701 2606. Also visit her on the web at http://strengthincma.com/